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Physically Healthy

You're fit, trim and ready for action! You eat your vegetables, drank your milk as a child, and have always been in peak condition. You've always got boundless energy and ample strength. You take your health seriously.

Mostly Physically Healthy

You're in much better shape than most people. There's always room for improvement, and you're always pushing yourself to be healthier. You're a role model for a lot of people and everyone could learn something from your healthy approach to life.

Mostly Emotionally Healthy

You are mentally sharp and sound. You seldom let circumstances distress you and when it does happen, you can always calm yourself down again quickly. You're the person most likely to keep your head in a crisis.

Emotionally Healthy

Emotionally, you are as sure and sound as it is possible to be. You know what you want and who you are. You don't struggle with self-doubt. Emotional health is much more important to you than physical health.

Physically and Emotionally Healthy

Your mind and body are both in tune with one another and sound. You are one of the healthiest people there is, both physically and mentally. Nothing can stop you. You're on fire! (But not real fire, because that would actually be really unhealthy.)

Getting Healthier

You're working hard on becoming healthier, and it's really starting to pay off! You take it seriously and are conscientious about living a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the fantastic work!

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