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Glam Band

Slap on some lipstick, and grab your hairspray! You're on in five minutes, and the babes in the audience are FREAKING OUT, MAN.

Hair Band

You love your long tresses and your zebra-striped spandex leggings, and you are awfully good-looking, but the glam stops there. Lipstick and eyeliner are not for you. You don't dress up your lyrics either. You tell it like it is, even if you do give it a shot of humor or heartache once in a while.

Hard Rock Band

You're straight-up rock and roll with the hard edge of life thrown in. You know that living day to day is hard for your audience, and you give them the validation and release they need after a long day of slinging boxes down on the docks, working hard in the factory, or slaving away under the hoods of rich people's cars.

Speed Metal Band

You need a mosh pit--maybe a neck brace. Rock on.

Heavy Metal Band

You want to rock for the disenfranchised, the loners, and the rebels. You're not gonna take it anymore. You're getting aboard the crazy train.

Death Metal Band

You're extreme--hard-core is an understatement.

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