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A Quantum Physicist

Get out, brainiac! Way to make the rest of us look dumb. You're the smartest of the smart and were probably working out the fine details of your cold fusion theory (or deep in an online discussion about D&D strategies) while taking this quiz.

A Coyote

Wile E. Coyote and you are bros on the genius level. Cool ideas and crazy schemes are your game to get to your goal. But you wanna know the best part? No matter how many times your plans explode and things fall apart, you never give up.

A Cat

You're plenty smart, and you focus your brain power on living the cushy life. Like a cat, you know how to get what you want with the least amount of effort.

A Gangsta

You're the smartest on the streets, an Einstein of real life who's ready to show everyone you're the boss. Book smarts are cool and all, but your genius is the kind that makes it or breaks it in the jungle of the real world.

Your Dad

A chip off the old block, you prove that smarts don't go far from home. You're proud to continue your family tradition and are perfectly happy being just who you are.

A Tractor

You're no genius, but you bulldoze through when others quit. Keeping on keeping on is totally important for becoming a success. So rock on, tractor dude. You won't outsmart those brainiacs, but you'll outlast 'em.

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