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Super Funny

You are the 'funny one' at the party, and always cracking people up with your witty comments and strange non-sequiturs. You don't try super hard to be funny, it just comes naturally, and that adds to the charm.


You're darn funny and good to have around because you lighten the mood and find it easy to talk to new people. Your humor is smart, quick, and subtle, so not everyone understands your jokes.

Painfully Unfunny

You try and try but keep falling flat. If you were on stage, you'd be covered in tomatoes! Your humor comes across as trying too hard and could use some freshening up.

Good For a Few Laughs

You don't identify as a 'funny guy' so you don't commit yourself to being that person. You're fine chugging along with a few memorable one-liners, and have no aspirations to be the next Louis C.K. or Jerry Seinfeld. That said, you can be really funny when you want to be.

Funny, But Not To Everyone

Your humor is a bit 'niche' for just anyone, but those who get it, really love it. You like obscure references, absurd situations, and non-sequiturs, so some see you as hilarious while many more see you as strange!


We don't want to say there's no hope for you, but as it is you just don't get a lot of laughs. You could fix it up by working on the delivery, timing, or you could just get a new routine all together.

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