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Really Going for It!

No matter how much time passes, you keep your eye on the prize. It doesn't matter if you have to live a difficult life as long as you are doing what you love. Never one to be called practical, you love waking up and seeing where life is going to take you each day. You believe in yourself and your talents, and you are focused on what's important: Happiness!

On the Right Path

You know your dreams will come true with the right amount of effort, and you aren't afraid to put in the work and time. You play it safe by making sure you always have a job that will get you by in the meantime, but that doesn't take up all of your time. You have goals and timelines, and you check in often to make sure you are always on track. Keep up the hard work and your dreams may be closer than you realize!

Still Dreaming Big

You may not be wholeheartedly going after your dreams. You do feel more comfortable knowing that you have a good job and that you can take care of yourself and others in your life. However, you do still spend time doing what you love and thinking of ways you might be able to do it for a living. Keep dreaming. You never know when the right opportunity will present itself.

Grounded in Reality

You remember what you dreamed of doing as a child, and it often makes you laugh. You are proud to work hard and provide for yourself and others. You don't have to be a rock star to love what you do. You find enjoyment and pride in working hard, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Dreams are just that: dreams! Reality really isn't so bad!

Getting off Track

You know what you would love to do, but life just won't let you do it. You don't love your job but don't see any way to give it up and pursue something you would truly enjoy doing. It seems like the longer you work, the less chance you have of ever changing careers. Your obligations keep mounting, and you aren't the type to not meet them.

Forgetting Your Dreams

You can't even remember what it was you used to dream about doing. You think dreaming is for fools and life is best lived in the here and now. You have no intention of trying to change things up. What would be the reason? Chasing dreams just results in wasted time and money and most often leads to disappointment. Just don't forget that sometimes happiness can come from some crazy ideas. Don't be afraid to let your mind wonder now and then and entertain a fun idea.

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