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You're just blowing in the wind, where all the other flowers have gone. 'Puff, the Magic Dragon' is waiting for you by the sea, so roll on and stay groovy!

Neither--You're Roots Rock!

You've gotten down to the nitty-gritty, and you know the value of just kicking back on the porch and watching happy creatures dancing on the lawn!

Neither--You're Blues Rock!

You live music down in your gut and through your soul. Janis and Jimmy have taken root in the depths of you. There are no tears on the stairway to heaven that haven't dripped from your eyes when you've listened to great music.

Neither--You're Rock!

You're straight-up '60s rock and roll! You dig rock-and-roll music from the Sunset Strip in L.A. and any other street where people are dancing. And you've got a little bit of soul to put you right.

Neither--You're Psychedelic!

And that isn't quite acid. It's the precursor, the ORIGINAL. There's some overlap, of course, but you're more into endless fields of strawberries, incense, peppermints, crimson, and clover than you are riding on the storm through a purple haze to the only end.

Acid Rock!

Super groovy--you were born to be so wild that it takes a psychotic reaction to light your fire!

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