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Trapped, So Trapped

You lead a life that doesn't suit you. It could be your relationship, job, family situation, or even the city you live in. Whatever it is, you want out. You NEED out. If you keep this up, you'll end up an empty shell of who you once were...who you meant to become. Sometimes, it's better to walk away and start over than spend another day suffering and trying to make things work.

On a Fast Track to Feeling Trapped

You aren't trapped yet, but you're quickly headed in that direction. Think of the choices you've made in the last two years that have led you here. Maybe your choice in partner isn't right. Maybe that job isn't exactly what you hoped it would be. Or maybe you have everything you wanted, but as it turns's not what you needed at all. Make changes or else you'll be trapped. Soon.

Slowly Getting Out of the Trap

You were once trapped. In fact, it was probably not too long ago. But you realized it and began making changes. Maybe you recently quit your job or moved. Maybe you got out of a toxic relationship. Either way, you've been steadily making changes, and chances are, you've been noticing quite the difference!

Not Trapped At All!

You aren't trapped at all! Congratulations. If you ever were, or never have been, that's not the point here. The point is that you're not trapped now, in the present. Make sure to keep up whatever it is you're doing, because clearly it's working. Not many people can say they're in your shoes!

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