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Stable As Can Be

You're so stable, those around you wonder how it's possible. Troublesome times come and go, things that shake some up to the very core, but not you. You're resilient, strong, and focused. You know that any lapse in happiness will end in due time. Chin up is always your motto!

Somewhere Inbetween

You are stable, but when certain issues pop up, you do stagger a little. It's pretty normal. Nothing to worry about. You have room for improvement, but you're far from being unhealthy.


You're not stable, and you often find yourself in a world of trouble because of it. No one asks you for help or advice. In fact, people are getting really tired of your late night calls and texts, questioning things from months ago, and crying over spilled milk.


You're a basketcase! You cry, whine, complain, and demand, but more importantly, you repel other people. You can't hold down a relationship, or a friendship for long, and your long list of exes would all agree that they dated you because they wanted to experiment, but got tired of it really quick!

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