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100% Republican

An individualist at your core, you believe that government's role should be as limited as possible and that the market should operate freely and without influence. Taxes should be as low as possible, and individual freedoms trump all else. The government's main role in our lives is the security of its citizens and nothing more.

80% Republican, 20% Democrat

While you do believe in a limited government, you also recognize that government can have a role to play in critical infrastructure and education. But beyond what is absolutely necessary, you believe your money is yours to spend and shouldn't be wasted on frivolous welfare programs that are all too easy to take advantage of.

60% Republican, 40% Democrat

While your political views are very well-balanced, you still tend to lean slightly to the right. You understand and support the need for social welfare programs but maintain a strong sense of personal responsibility and individual freedom. When it comes down to election time, current events can often be the deciding factor about what is most important to you.

60% Democrat, 40% Republican

You may be mostly liberal, but a large part of you still believes that government should be limited and that individual freedoms are just as important as social responsibility. You may often feel conflicted when election time comes around, but current political events can have the power to show you what matters most at the time.

80% Democrat, 20% Republican

You have a strong sense of social responsibility and believe that the government is there to help, protect, and provide for its citizens. But the republican in you still knows that there must be limits to government's overreaching arm and protections must be kept in place for the individual freedoms of each and every person.

100% Democrat

You are champion of the people. While government can often seem large and wasteful, you know that its power is a wonderful tool and it makes more sense to fix inefficiencies rather than leave citizens to fend for themselves. You believe that fundamental human rights to health and safety should be provided no matter what the cost. Government is here to help and protect us and you are willing to pay the price for it.

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