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Captivatingly Cute

You are the human equivalent of a fluffy kitten, someone so cute and adorable that everyone wants to pick you up and hug you tight! Sure you can flex your claws every so often and give a nasty scratch if someone really pisses you off. But a little defensiveness just adds spice to your cute cuddliness!

Confidently Cuddly

You are a big old teddy bear that everyone loves. Strong and reassuring, you make those around you feel safe and protected. Nothing makes you happier than helping out your friends, and you can be relied on to be there whether they need a kind ear to hear their troubles, a broad shoulder to cry on, or a full-out mission-impossible rescue.

Legitimately Lovable

You are neither cute nor cuddly, and you don't want to be. Attracting people with a superficial-exterior act--like cute smiles, bubbly flirtatiousness, or strongman protectiveness--is not how you do things. Self-sufficient, independent, and strong-minded, you are not worried if people aren't willing to take the time to get to know and understand you. You would rather have one good friend than a hundred superficial ones any day.

Flirtatiously Fantastic

You are a fireball of flirtatiousness, a red-hot lover who heats up the room with one smoldering glance. While not exactly the angelic type, your cuteness is undeniable and you're more than willing to go for full-body contact. Even so, we don't think you qualify as cute and cuddly--probably because your idea of snuggling is more than just a friendly, sweetheart hug!

Casually Cool

Cute? Yes. Cuddly? Nope. You are more of a calm, cool, and collected character, and you prefer to keep an allure of mystery around you. While your nonchalant attitude toward life is definitely a chill way to go, we do not see anyone giving you a spontaneous hug anytime soon, which is probably a good thing, as we are pretty sure you would consider that a pretty weird thing to do!

A Reserved Recluse

If 'cute and cuddly' is a teddy bear having a picnic in the sunny meadow, then you are the tiger who hides in the shadows of the jungle. Cute you are not; nor are you exactly cuddly either. But you are levelheaded, self-controlled, and resourceful. Which are the better attributes? Well, we think you know the answer to that one!

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