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Totes Cool, Hip, and Modern with Today's Slang

You are completely cool, hip, and modern with today's slang--and it shows in how much you know! You are the type of person who rolls with and adjusts to all kinds of culture changes and appreciates the way the world evolves and makes the best of it.

A Quick Learner of Today's Slang

You might not be completely familiar with all of the new words that today's youth are using, but you are adaptable and a fast learner, and you quickly adjust to include new words and phrases relatively easily. You can understand them with no problems and don't have any issues with adding them to your own vocabulary--even though they're not 'correct.'

Slightly Out of Touch with Today's Slang

You hear the words, and sometimes they click with you, but you'd much prefer to hear people speak proper English. You understand some of the things they're saying but have a hard time adding these new words to your own vocabulary because they just sound wrong to you.

Feeling Like You're Speaking a Different Language

For you, slang words are likely to be annoying. You don't use them or like them, and you'd much prefer to speak with people who don't have them in their vocabulary. You sometimes feel like you're speaking a completely different language, and you feel pretty out of touch with today's 'hip and modern' culture. Does this sound like you?

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