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A Wallflower

You are too shy and humble. Perk up wallflower! The world isn't such a scary place. Embrace your attributes and be proud of them. Own your voice and project it a little more. Step off of the sidelines, join the game, and stand up to the bullies of the world. You have a lot to offer!


There's nothing wrong with a little humility - it's even commendable. But don't be so humble that you miss out on what you deserve! Pull your chin up now and then and speak your mind. You'll find that because of your natural humility, that when you do project confidence, you'll be heard!


You've got a healthy mix of confidence and humility! You don't showboat but you don't let yourself be backed into a corner either. You might want to beef up your confidence in a few areas, but you're well balanced as you are!


You're not humble. You're not too proud. You're right smack in the middle - confident! You may have always had it or you might have come from either direction, but just remember to stay right where you are! Use your confidence to your advantage and have fun with life!

A little cocky

Slow down there, cowboy! Confidence is healthy, but you're edging just a bit too close to arrogance. Too much cockiness can lead to danger whether it's physical, financial, or emotional. Learn to exercise a touch of humility now and then and bring yourself back into balance.

Too bold

You might think you're the brightest star in the sky, but those around you might think you're just arrogant. Dial it back a few degrees and get a shorter horse. You might think you're just confident enough to get what you want, but in reality, you might be a bully or a daredevil. Either way, it might not lead to anything good. Don't jump without parachutes and be sure to be nice to those around you. You just might need to take a little help someday!

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