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Your place to be is in the spotlight. You're an amazing host, and you love to throw parties You don't allow yourself to make any mistakes. In your life, everything is thought through really well. It's exactly like classical music, where every note has its own place and there are no unexpected fortes or pianos. Your motto is 'Wish it. Dream it. Do it!' Your style is impeccable, and you always strive for simplicity and elegance. Perfect date? Chic and elegant restaurant!


You're a free-spirited human being! You like to go with the flow and improvise! You know that you're definitely not a master at organizing, so you happily leave it to others. You have a mysterious and complex nature just like the rhythms in jazz! You don't care what other people think about you. You just want to live your life in peace, doing what you love. Formal gatherings stress you out, and you avoid those kinds of parties as much as you can. Oh! I almost forgot, congratulations on your wonderful sense of humor!

Classical Jazzy

You're classical and jazzy at the same time! What a mixture! You have organization skills, but you also know how to relax and let it go! You have a quirky sense of humor, and you love crazy ideas! Wherever you go, you feel at home. Are you hanging out with your friends at the bar or in a fancy restaurant? It doesn't matter; you're there to meet people! You love music, and you keep your mind open to every style!

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