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You are a passionate person who can go overboard with your attention to detail, both in work and relationships. Although perfectionism is a positive trait, it can make you come across as intense and possibly a little overbearing. So chill a little--being careful doesn't mean everything has to be perfect all the time!


You are aware of everything going on around you and know what needs to be taken care of. Paying attention pays off, and your career and relationships will benefit from your patience and intuitive understanding.


You are a kindhearted person who knows the value of the things you have in your life. Whether it is your loved ones, your job, your car, or your home, you appreciate their worth and are careful to look after them.


You have a nicely balanced personality and are careful without being fussy. You have everything under control, and your home life, relationships, and finances are organized and running smoothly. Of course, no matter how careful you are, things can always go wrong, but you take stress in stride and calmly carry on. Congratulations!


You're a free spirit who trusts fate, and being careful isn't at the top of the list of things you worry about. Maybe that's because there isn't much you do worry about! You are happy to let things come and go with the flow of life. Being cautious and careful, and trying to guard and hold on to things just isn't you.


Whoops! You are oblivious to danger and blunder your way through life, crashing through obstacles without even noticing they are there. This can be a powerful way to success, but it can also leave you frustrated and unfulfilled. Balance is important, so slow down and take care of the things that are important to your heart as well as your head. What good is being at the top if you're there alone?

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