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You roll over with a slight nudge. You aren't assertive in the slightest. In fact, you might be afraid to be. You prefer to be told what to do, or what your opinion should be. In fact, you're not even used to expressing any opinion, or being heard. It's all about the other person taking the spotlight.


You have your own opinions, but you're more comfortable being a follower anyway. While you don't roll over on command, you eventually do roll over. You have a spine, but you don't use it.


You have a spine, you have opinions, and you make it known. You often times lead in situations, and would rather die than follow or be submissive for anyone.


You are assertive, with a twist. Rather than just be assertive, you're also a little controlling. It can be great when paired with someone who's more submissive, or comfortable following, but it might get messy with an assertive partner, or another alpha. You like being the leader, and your word is valuable above all.

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