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0 Percent Graceful

As a matter of fact, you take pride in your rough-and-tumble ways. You say what you mean and do what you want, no matter who might be offended. You would never be caught putting on airs to impress other people!

20 Percent Graceful

Maybe you are noble at heart, but you are still learning how to express your noble ideas gracefully. For now, you often stumble into awkward situations, even when your intentions are good!

40 Percent Graceful

You know how to handle yourself in formal situations, but when you're out and about on a normal day, you don't bother to turn on your charms. You just don't have time to be delicate. Your to-do list waits for no one!

60 Percent Graceful

You like to be considered gentile and ladylike. The proper first impression, after all, can make people treat you with more respect! Still, when you're among your close friends, you relax your standards. They already love you!

80 Percent Graceful

Wow. You're definitely a class act, and as soon as you enter a room, people know it. Your poise inspires others to treat you with courtesy, and no one would dream of approaching you with shady business! Your grace is like a protective bubble that makes you impossible to besmirch.

100 Percent Graceful

Wow. Your manners are absolutely unimpeachable. You always know how to charm people--and you can quickly identify people who are worth charming! Of course, your flawless grace might raise some eyebrows. Can you be real?

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