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100% Analytical

You analyze everything. You never deal with a situation before looking at it carefully from every angle, and then looking at the angles of those angles! You've got every base covered, and every possibility accounted for!

75% Analytical and 25% Creative

You like to plan ahead and think through things carefully, but there is creativity to your analysis. Your often see problems coming that other, less creative people don't expect, and you always have a plan in place to deal with it. Your creativity allows you to think outside the box.

50% Analytical and 50% Creative

You are the perfect combination of analytical and creative. You realize that not every situation calls for the same reaction, and you are able to adapt accordingly. When creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is required, you can deliver, but when something calls for a more studied approach, you're still in your element.

75% Creative and 25% Analytical

There is a system and a pattern to your creativity. You use logic and planning to know where your creativity will be the most useful and the most needed. Because you are able to analyze, you never start off half-baked or with illogical, impractical plans.

100% Creative

You are a neverending flow of creativity and artistry! You see the world for all its possibilities and beauty. You yearn to create, to mold, to make things beautiful. You are a deeply emotional person who understands the feelings of others.

Always Changing

You adapt to the situation, go with the flow, and are always keeping them guessing! You can deal with a situation analytically one day and the next be completely creative, then the third be doing something just off the wall! Life with you is always an adventure!

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