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An Oasis of Calm

You are pure serenity--the person people want to be around so they can return to peace themselves. Keep that chill vibe, but don't fall asleep and miss out on what's happening around you!

A River of Peace

You exude peaceful vibes like a slow-moving, clear river. Remember that while you're riding this stream of serenity, you do it mindfully and not with laziness!

A Trickle of Tranquility

You get a little stressed at times, and you've been known to lose your temper when really, REALLY pressed, but for the most part, you're a peaceful person that keeps emotions in balance!

An Inlet of Indifference

You're right in the middle. Not apathetic, exactly, but while it seems that you're calm, you might be seething underneath. Let yourself feel and live. But...if you're going to feel and live proactively, let the balance fall toward peace, not anger and overwork.

A Spout of Spontaneity

You sure know how to have fun! Luckily, you're not so energetic that you never rest. Rest helps you have enough energy for your next adventure or project. Keep that balance!

A Volcano of Energy

Whoa, partner! You need to sit down a spell before steam starts coming out of your ears and your head explodes! It's okay to rest now and then. It's also preferable that you BREATHE once in a while. Don't forget to take time out for rest and reflection.

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