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A Strong Introvert

You can be happy going for days without seeing people. Your thoughts are enough to keep you company. You live in your own head. Parties, large groups, crowds: you would be happy if you never saw any of these things again ever in your life. Your own room is the best treasure you possess.

A Mild Introvert

You cherish your alone time, a good book, and a quiet conversation, but you're a social introvert who needs companionship regularly and who has a rich social life. You may be quiet but that doesn't mean you don't have something to say.

Somewhere in the Middle

You don't fit into a category, you're too special for that. You love your alone time but you enjoy a good party as well. You need space to breath but you also need people to keep you happy. You can be happy in whatever situation you find yourself in. You adapt easily and are flexible.

A Mild Extrovert

You like being around people and the occasional party, but too many strangers drain you quickly and you definitely need a low-key afternoon with friends in order to recharge. You don't need to be always moving or doing something. You don't even need to be talking. Just hanging out with friends, each doing your own thing, makes you happy and brings you peace.

A Strong Extrovert

Who needs alone time, when you can live in the moment, live crazy stories with your friends, and always be on the move? You live a full life, full of people, sights, and sounds. You hate quiet time or alone time. You're always excited for the next great adventure in your life and meeting new strangers. But they won't be strangers for long because no one makes friends as quickly as you do!

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