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Totally Animal Crazy

You really love animals, don't you? You are the definition of an animal lover, and love all kinds of species of animals just the same. In fact, you often prefer animals to people, even though you might not admit it. You probably work with animals in some way on a professional level, and have a home filled with animals of all kinds. You also probably spend a great deal of time supporting your local ASPCA or another animal protection group, and might even work as a volunteer or coordinator for animal rights.

A Basic Animal Lover

You like animals and appreciate them for their diversity and existence, but what really gets you are pet-types of animals that are kept inside the home, like dogs or cats. You probably have a favorite animal that you adore, and are likely to have purchased a calendar, sweater or posters with this particular animal emblazoned on the front. You probably support the ASPCA or some other animal protection society, and spend a bit of time thinking of ways to help animals in need.

Animal Tolerant

You tolerate animals. That's about it. You don't particularly like to be around them or consider them important enough to have rights. You politely ignore other people's pets and stay away from ranches, the woods, petting zoos and farms. You would never dream of adopting a pet of your own, and think that animals belong outside in the wild, at the zoo, or on the dinner table.

An Animal Hater

You enjoy eating or hunting animals, and that's all. You would never consider owning a pet and think that the ASPCA, PETA and other animal organizations are ridiculous. To you, animals are animals, and aren't worthy enough to have rights. In fact, you think that animals are dirty, foul and make your skin crawl, and you have no problem saying so to people who keep them as pets.





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