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A Seraph

You are truly angelic. In fact, you are at the very top of the celestial hierarchy. If your behaviour was any better, you'd be God. (Although you are probably appalled that we are even suggesting such a thing.) It is difficult for the rest of us mere mortals to compete with your moral superiority.

An Angel

You're so good we suspect you aren't even human. Are those wings tucked underneath that cashmere cardigan? Your friends consider you their moral compass. You always know the right thing to do. But, what's even more important, you do it.

A Saint

You are a very good person. Kind, generous, self-effacing. Your friends look up to you. While you're not perfect, you're pretty darn close. (Notice we didn't use the other 'd' word in your presence.)

A Scallywag

You probably haven't won any citizenship awards but you're a lot of fun to be around. Everyone adores your mischievous personality. You're always up for a laugh. Your friends know they can call on you for a good time. (And by 'good' we mean 'bad,' if you catch our drift.)

A Rogue

You're what our mothers used to call 'a bad influence.' You were that friend we all wanted to follow. You know the one ' the one jumping off the bridge. And somehow you always made it look so fun, not to mention effortless. You're a wild one. And everyone loves you for it.

A Devil

You're pretty much irresistible. People are drawn to your wild and wicked ways. You can hypnotise others into doing things they probably wouldn't dare to do on their own. Yes, you're a bit of a scoundrel. But you're a whole lotta fun!

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