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Super Analytical

You're super analytical, meaning you like to analyze everyone and everything. You like to know the inner-workings, and the REASONS behind them. You'd have made a great scientist! You very much ignore hunches, and you probably avoid over-feeling anything.

You Lean Toward Reasoning

You're very reasonable, and enjoy knowing the why and how of things, but you also have a soft spot for hunches. It's not enough to be a perfect balance, but you have been known to surprise people with a random instance of hunch-induced action!

You Lean Toward Hunches

You're in touch with your hunches, more than anything, and decide things based on gut feeling a good 75% of the time. However, you have been known to analyze and carefully find reasons for things as well. You're far from reaching that perfect balance of the two, but you aren't foreign to either mind, or gut-related decisions.

Super Hunch-Led

You're all about hunches. You don't need concrete evidence, and you don't need concrete statistics. In fact, you don't care to find the why, or the how, you just KNOW IT. You're probably very good at reading people, and have the experience to make such accusations!

The Enigma: Perfectly Well-Balanced

You're basically a unicorn. You know when to find concrete reasons, but you also know how to follow your gut. When your gut acts up, accusing someone, you find the reason for your sudden feelings. You find out whether you're right or wrong, using perfectly reliable sources and methods. You're a genius!

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