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Not Addicted

You're either living on a deserted island or you don't like technology at all! How do you survive in this world without getting attached to gadgets? Congratulations, you're 100 percent a free human!

A Bit Addicted

Your smartphone is a useful thing, of course, but you don't consider it your best friend. You can survive a few hours without checking it, and you don't jump every time it buzzes. The world can wait!

Almost Addicted

Your smartphone takes up a lot of space in your life. You always have it with you, and you feel stressed if you accidentally leave it at home. Be careful, technology is taking over, and one day you might wake up in the world of walking Androids and iPhones.

Super Addicted

Have you talked to someone lately? I recommend a bit of human contact instead of texting. Having a beer with friends can be fun, believe me!! The detoxification process can be difficult, but you can start slowly, maybe 15 minutes offline a day? What do you say?

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