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Definitely Addicted to Traveling

There's no doubt about it. You're always up for a change of scenes. While your constant roaming has given you many beautiful memories and fun stories, it has also come at a bit of a cost. Just like an addict, you've started suffering from 'withdrawals' when you're not on the road. Plus, your career and relationships are limited by how much time you spend on the road!

Borderline Addicted to Traveling

You have a reputation for wanderlust among your friends, and rightfully so. You've been on lots of amazing journeys. Most of them time, your trips are worthwhile, but there have been a few instances when your budget was painfully tight after you got home from another extravagant adventure. If you push yourself much further, you might fall into unhealthy habits.

A Traveling Fan but Not a Traveling Addict

You love vacation as much as the next person, and when you do travel, you spring for an exciting journey. You would rather spend your free time and spare money on a great trip than squander it on small outings throughout the year. Still, you know how to curb your wanderlust when you don't have the time or money to indulge it. You can appreciate your friends and the parks around you!

Not Really into Traveling

Some people might find it weird, but traveling is just not a high priority with you. While you enjoy looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram or Nat Geo, you don't feel the need to jump up and buy your plane ticket. Home is where your heart is, and you are happier at home than anywhere else.

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