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Absolutely Addicted

Your online life is just as important to you as your offline one. You turn to the internet to find friendship, entertainment, news, information, and guidance. You take an active role in online communities, believe that serious change can be created through social media, and value your online friends just as much as your real life ones. You may have an internet problem, but you love every minute of it.

Very Addicted

You can't help it, you just love the World Wide Web! It has everything and you need it all. You turn to it for answers to your questions, you make friends online, and you can't go to sleep until you've checked 'one last website'. There's a whole world online, and you adore being a part of it. But you do remember to get some fresh air every now and then and your offline life never suffers due to your online one.

Somewhat Addicted

The internet is a wonderful thing that offers many wonderful opportunities, and it's great that you love it as much as you do but you need to remember to log off. You don't play a large part in any online communities, but you do spend a lot of time surfing the web and checking out your favorite websites. Remember that addictions grow if you don't put an effort into curbing your more detrimental internet habits.

A Little Addicted

Every now and then you stay up a little late checking out a website or feel a tad uncomfortable about how long you spent on social media today. You have an active, offline life and normally prefer to read a good book in bed rather than surf the web. Keep the habits you don't like in check and you'll be just fine!

Not At All Addicted

There are so many wonderful things out there in the real world, that you just don't understand how so many people can spend so much time online. You'd rather read a book than a website, you'd rather enjoy a wonderful walk in the fresh air than watch a YouTube video, and you would rather meet up with your friends for coffee than hang out on social media. The internet holds no sway over you.

Selectively Addicted

It's not the whole web you're addicted to, just one part of it. Maybe it's social media, maybe it's one specific online community, or maybe it's YouTube. The rest of the internet you can say no to, but this one corner of the web you're just powerless to resist. It makes you happy, keeps you from getting bored, and you just love telling all your friends about it!

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