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Overly Nice!

You're so nice that you're actually overly sweet. You can't possibly say no to anyone. If someone needs help, needs you to attend a meeting on an already packed day, or asks you for a ride when you're already late for work, you say yes to all of it! Friends and family know they can count on you to help them with whatever they don't feel like doing. And while being nice means you're awesome, it also means you're taken advantage of.

Nice but Not Too Nice

You're nice, but you have a limit! As you should too. If someone asks you to give them a ride but you're already late for an appointment, you say no. Because honestly, what can you do, be late? And yet, on the other hand, if some asks you to water their plants when they're out of town, you do it gladly! You're all about greeting people, holding doors, and remembering people's birthdays. You're just not about to be taken advantage of!

Not a Nice Person

Well, you have other qualities. No one can say you don't have a backbone! You do what you want, when you want. You're a rebel, and as such, you don't tend to do anyone any favors. You don't care to hold the door for anyone, nor greet neighbors. You're known for being the person who literally doesn't care about others, but you know what? There's a few people you do care about. Maybe you're nice to them, but that's it!

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