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Are you really a yuppie?



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You're totally a yuppie. You live a lavish lifestyle, and you can't help but brag about it! You worked really, really hard for your corner office, and you don't take any of your success for granted. So if that means that you get a bit snobby and showboaty at parties, then so what! People could learn a thing or two from you!


Once you get that promotion, you can honestly call yourself a yuppie. Until then, keep reading up on Tony Robbins and all the rest of those guys who make it all look so easy. You just need to apply the right amount of insistent charisma, and soon you'll be one of those guys! They'll even start inviting you to their yacht parties and everything. So hold onto your dreams, bro, and keep working hard!


You may have the money of a yuppie, but you've got the wrong attitude. You're more of a hipster. Some historians will argue later that the future of the yuppie culture is the hipster, but we all know that a true yuppie could never be ironic. A yuppie is so real that it hurts, and you mock them for it right to their face. You also wear a lot of vintage clothing, and we all know a yuppie could never wear a piece of fabric that has touched another's skin.

Not At All

You couldn't care less about your career. In fact, you don't even care if you work at all. You're here to see the world and have as much fun as possible. You want to meet new people and experience strange new things, and you can't do that when you sit behind a desk all day. Besides, yuppies are too self-involved for you. And they spend way too much time working. Who does that?

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