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No Water Knowledge

You are all wet when it comes to your knowledge about water. You should take a little time to learn more about this extremely important resource!

Basic Water Knowledge

You are thirsty for some water knowledge. You don't really know much about this amazing resource yet, but no worries. You have time to drink in all the information out there!

Good Water Knowledge

Well, everything you learned about water in high school didn't just get washed down the drain. You have good knowledge of water and what its role is in supporting and maintaining life on our planet!

Strong Water Knowledge

You floated right through this quiz with your serious water knowledge! You may not know every little detail, but you know more than most people. You can be proud of your knowledge of this element.

Excellent Water Knowledge

You truly are a water whiz! Way to go on knowing all the ins and outs when it comes to this most important element of life!

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