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Pseudo Vampire

You are a vampire that is still coming to terms with your immortality. You may be a newborn or perhaps you just hit your 200th birthday! Either way, many parts of you are still human. For that reason, you enjoy living among humans because, after all, you wish you were still human.

Friendly Vampire

You are a vampire that is fascinated with mortality. You embraced your immortality quite a while ago, but only now do you understand how fragile you once were. You truly enjoy your super-human abilities and being a vampire is pretty sweet to you! Still, you find a certain beauty in human life.

Hardcore Vampire

You are a vampire that loves who and what you are! You would not trade your immortality for anything. With that in mind, you have no regard for human life and view humans strictly as food. As a matter of fact, you are a little ashamed that long, long ago you were human too.

Pseudo Zombie

You are a zombie that is still figuring out what this whole 'zombie business' is about. Sure, you are undead, but why? Walking around all hours of the day and eating everything in sight just seems like a waste of time to you. Things were so much more exciting when you were alive--ah, the good old days!

Friendly Zombie

You are a zombie that refuses to eat people, especially your living friends. You figure being undead beats being completely dead. So, you take every opportunity to spend time around the living; provided they are not running away from you! People should just accept you for who you are, right?

Hardcore Zombie

You are a zombie that makes the most of living people's fear. You have mastered the art of being a zombie, therefore newbie zombies feel the need to follow your lead. It doesn't bother you that you are always hungry or roaming around. You do not miss anything about being alive--not even sleeping!

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