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Country music is more than songs and tunes for you, it's a lifestyle. You dress country, you speak country, you live country. You party country, you think country, you are country. Your heroes are all rough and tumble cowboys and western singers. Country music speaks to you on a deep and meaningful level like nothing else can.


There ain't nothing about country music you don't know. You know every number one hit, who first sang it, and who wrote it. You're an encyclopedia of all things country music. You're an expert and you love your subject.


You're always learning more about country music, always eager to hear another golden oldie or discover the newest great country singer hitting the scene. There may be a lot of things you don't know yet about country music, but you're a true fan. Country music will always have a special place in your heart.


You just love country music through and through. You don't know a lot of its history or who sang what song, but when a catchy country song comes on at the honky-tonk, you're the first one to start dancing. You always listen to the country music radio station and you just can't get enough of a fiddle and banjo.


You love so many different genres of music that you don't have time to devote yourself to just one. There are a few country tunes you'll listen to over and over again and you sometimes like to get a little country but not too often. You don't really partake of the country music culture.

City Slicker

You about as far as it is possible to be from a true country music fan. You have other interests and other genres of music that are more your speed and style. And that's okay! Just be yourself and love what you love and you can never go wrong!

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