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A Fashion Trendsetter

You put thought into your outfits, and you don't always follow what is currently fashionable. You look for new colors and styles that make you feel happy and excited about getting dressed every day. Your friends ask you where you got the things that you are wearing all of the time. Keep being yourself! You are obviously a hit!

A Decor Trendsetter

You are always looking for a new way to deck out your digs. Sometimes you are quirky, and sometimes you are classic, but one thing is for sure: Your home is your canvas, and you are always repainting. You hear the phrase, 'I love what you did with...,' all of the time.

A Fitness Trendsetter

You keep your ear to the ground when it comes to fitness trends, and you are usually the first to try the new hot thing. You put your all into your workouts, and soon your friends are joining you at the gym. Keep up the hard work as you are looked up to by many!

An Environmental Trendsetter

You were the first in your area to recycle each week, the first to get a smart car, and the first to install solar panels. Other people envy your dedication to reducing your footprint and try to follow in those tiny steps.

A Food Trendsetter

You introduced your gang of besties to quinoa, zoodles, and chai tea. You love trying new foods whenever you travel, and you use your taste adventures to spice up your own cooking. You watch cooking shows and experiment with recipes, always finding a fun spin to add to some classic dishes. Your friends can't wait to try what you cook up next!

Not Much of a Trendsetter

You look to your friends and family to try out new things, like fashion, decorating, food, and exercises, before spending money or trying something new yourself. You are savvy, and you know what you like. You don't need to be on the cutting edge of any trend to appreciate a new style.

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