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a Talker

You are a talker. You talk and cannot focus on the tasks at hand. All you can concentrate on is conversing with people.

an Attempted Doer

You attempt to be a doer. You are easily distracted with opportunities to talk to people. People are more important to you than any task at hand.

a Talkative Doer

You are one who sees the value of being a doer. You work to be a doer, but people keep getting in your way.

a Multi-tasker

You are a good multi-tasker. You can focus on the task at hand and talk with people at the same time. Talking with people helps you excel at your job.

a Distracted Doer

You a doer. You can work on the task at hand and do a good job. It irritates you when people try and talk with you while you are working as it breaks your concentration.

a Silent Doer

You are a silent doer. You focus hard on the task at hand. People are not able to hold a conversation with you as you focus on the task at hand.

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