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Completely Successful: Everything Has Fallen Into Place

You're a successful woman by all accounts. You have the funds, the love, the friendship, and the looks to make most other women pretty envious. You've worked hard to reap these rewards, and you work hard to maintain them all. Nothing you have has been given to you. That's what makes you successful - earning it all.

Financially Successful: Stable

You may have work to do still, but hey, you got the money. It may not buy happiness, but it comes close. You have the money to pay off bills, and live comfortably. Now you just need to focus on other areas of life.

Emotionally Successful: Love Life of Your Dreams

You may not have the money, and you may often find yourself worried about what it is you're going to do about it, but you have the love of a lifetime. Not many find this love, and even fewer strive hard enough to keep it. You manage it well, and keep the fire alive. With a partner that treats you like a rare gem, you can conquer the world.

Work In Progress

You don't have the love of a lifetime, nor the money. You're still working your way to your dream job, too. But for the time being, you're focused on getting there. You care enough to take a quiz like this, and that shows promise. You'll put in the effort, the time, and will definitely go places.

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