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Simple and Direct, A.K.A Not Very Strategic

You aren't much for strategy. In fact, you like to keep things simple, and straight to the point. You don't plan all the time, but even when you do, it's not elaborate. You get things done effectively, despite keeping your 'game plan' nice and simple.

Decently Strategic

You're strategic enough, which means you tend to think in terms of strategy, but you're not one to let yourself run wild either. You enjoy planning, but you don't get consumed in it. You're very much a balance between strategic thinking, and those with no game plan.

Very Strategic

You're quite strategic, and you take pride in it. You plan things before going about a task. Basically, you're the perfect organization, mission-oriented partner.

Extremely Strategic

You're more than a strategic thinker, you're an extreme strategic thinker. You go overboard on the planning. In fact, you probably have two or three agendas. You like drawing diagrams, planning out steps, and setting small goals in order to reach bigger goals. Sure, some might consider it over the top, but to you, this is effective living!

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