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100% Spender

For you, money is no object, and you don't think twice about purchases as long as you love it, or even just kind of like it. You don't save a lot of money because you usually have money coming in. Your philosophy is that life is short so you may as well enjoy it, and money comes and goes so it's best to not get too worked up over it.

100% Saver

You are very frugal and responsible with your money to the point that you spend very little on self-indulgence. You are a good example to others but don't forget to treat yourself once in a while because you deserve it!

50% Spender, 50% Saver

You are a good mix of responsible and frivolous, you don't overspend but you definitely know the value of treating yourself when the occasion calls for it. You tend to make smarter, more thought-out purchases, that even though they can be more expensive, tend to be investments of very high quality so you don't have to buy replacement items.

25% Spender, 75% Saver

You are very responsible and have a reputation for being frugal, but just when your friends think that you are too much of a penny pincher, you surprise them with a big purchase or by covering dinner and drinks for everyone. Your money motto is that when it won't hurt your financial obligations, it's fun to spend on yourself and your friends.

25% Saver, 75% Spender

You make efforts to spend but at a certain point there is not a lot you can do to avoid spending most of your money. It's not always because you want new things, but living is expensive and you have no choice but to hand your money over to survive.

80% Spender, 10% You don't care

You spend without caution in almost all circumstances, but you have a little sliver of conscience that kicks in sometimes and it will cause you to act more reserved. Your friends know that you're fun to go out with because you are super generous and usually down to rage it and bar hop.

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