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Smug Smarty-Pants

Well, you just know everything, don't you! Or at least you act as if you do, and that's what counts. You are self-confident and chatty, a fascinating character who always has an answer for every question and a story to share about any situation. Perfect career: Hotline psychic.

Witty Wise-Guy

The life of every party, you are a born storyteller who loves to perform. Sure you spice up the action and add to the excitement as you tell everyone about your latest adventure, but that's only because people expect you to entertain them. Perfect career: YouTuber.

Goofy Genius

You're not a smarty-pants, but you are definitely smart. We asked your friends, and they described you as bright, brilliant, and funny. So stand up and claim your command as the popular and successful person you are! Perfect career: Cartoon animator.

Regular Joe

Neither a smarty-pants nor a modest mouse, you tread the middle ground between overly confident and shy and timid. Like most people, you excel at some things and take pride in your achievements, but you don't feel the need to constantly boast about it. Perfect career: Internet quiz author.

Serious Egghead

Although you are smarter than just about anyone else who has taken this quiz, you never boast about your achievements. You prefer to laugh quietly as the flamboyant wise-guys shout their daily wisdom to the crowds. Perfect career: The guy who really does all the work.

Modest Mouse

You would rather do almost anything than stand up and sing your own praises. A quiet introvert, you take personal pride in your achievements, but it makes you extremely uncomfortable if anyone singles you out for praise. Perfect career: 'Dread Pirate Roberts.'

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