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100 Percent Small-Town Girl!

You are 100 percent small-town girl! You don't like city hassle; you prefer nature and tranquility. It doesn't mean that you don't like to go out and party all night long with your group of friends! You love your town and the people around you. It feels safe and cozy, and you don't need anything else in life!

Somewhere In Between Small-Town and Big-City Girl!

You belong to both city and small town--some qualities of the city strike you, and some nature-loving living in a small town draws you too. A quick chat with your neighbor in a mom-and-pop store--no problem! Having cocktails in a fancy bar and flirting with a handsome barman--no problem either! You feel confident wherever you go! Way to go, girl!

A Big-City Lover!

Small-town living is definitely not for you. You cherish your independence, and you don't like other people poking their noses into your affairs. You need excitement all the time, so small towns bore you to death. It's nice to go for a weekend to see your parents, but on Saturday evening, you find yourself sitting on your hands and wondering what to do.

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