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Lurking Libertarian

You might call yourself a Conservative, or a Republican, or maybe even a Liberal, but your answers show that your true political leaning is firmly in the Libertarian camp. You believe in self-responsibility, self-governance, and every man for himself. Your beliefs can be summarized with the words 'personal freedom.' Whether it's same sex marriage or owning an assault weapon, you think that each person should be allowed to make their own decision.

Concealed Conservative

What? Did you think we'd say you were a loopy Liberal or scary Socialist?! No way! We're betting this result isn't really a surprise for you. Although you might not shout it aloud, you know you respect traditional values and are a firm believer that Western culture is the best way to live. Who is to say you're wrong?

Masked Moderate

As a traditionalist whose acts are based on logic rather than emotion, you may think you are more right wing than you really are. We're not saying you should move to Seattle and buy a Prius, but your answers show us that while you identify as a conservative, you walk the middle-of-the road politically. You are cautious both in your life and in your politics, and you always carefully consider all factors before you make up your mind.

Covered-up Centrist

Your beliefs are based firmly in reason and pragmatism, and you strive to walk the middle of the road politically. You may not think you lean to the left, but your questions show us that your natural sense of justice leans towards social reform and equality. But while you may speak of wanting equality and social programs for all, your soft heart hardens when the comfort and safety of yourself or your family is threatened, revealing the more conservative side of your nature.

Down Low Liberal

Whether you knew it or not, your answers revealed that you have left wing tendencies. Your ideal government would promote civil liberty, support social justice, and encourage a mixed economy and multicultural identity. You believe in education, minority rights, and equal opportunity. We're betting the car in your garage was chosen for both performance and fuel economy, and you at least consider buying organic when you go to the grocery store. Hey, the pledge drive is nearly up, did you renew your NPR subscription yet?

Stifled Socialist

Being a socialist doesn't mean that you are a big bad bogeymen that wants to take away personal rights. You simply think that the good of the people is more important than the good of the individual. So instead of 1% of society owning 99% of the wealth, you'd like to see a more equal distribution of assets across the population where everyone earns a fair wage and has equal access to social services, healthcare, and education. Doesn't sound so awful when you say it like that, does it?

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