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Don't forget that you're still a part of the human race and that to eat and breathe you've got to wake up and be aware of the world now and then. The dream world is much more fun, for sure, but there are still many wonderful things out here in reality as well. Don't miss them!

Day dreamer

Your mind is a playground of beautiful wonder, and that's a good thing! Most of the time, anyway. Luckily, you're still in the world enough to get yourself by. Just remember that to make all of the things that you dream about happen, you've got to have a little practical planning - and doing - sometimes too!


You've got the ability to dream often and dream big, but you've still got a touch of practicality surfing your brain waves. You're a 'fingers crossed' sort of person, hoping that hoping will bring your dreams to fruition. You know, it wouldn't hurt to add a little planning to your dreams to give those crossed fingers a boost of confidence!

A little of both

You are right in the middle of the yellow brick road. You're fully aware that you're not in Oz, but you wouldn't mind seeing the Emerald City as long as you're hallucinating anyway. Being both a dreamer and a realist is a healthy balance. You can achieve great things when you can dream them and plan well to achieve them!


You don't daydream very often, but when you do, you determine whether or not the things you dream of are feasible. Most of the time, however, you are down to brass tacks getting things done. Don't let yourself become too practical - open your mind now and then and put a little hope and faith into your life! Everyone needs things to look forward to!


You don't play around with nonsense and you have no time for dreaming. Looks like maybe that half empty cup you've got there needs a refill. It's okay to dream now and then, you know. Yes, hard work is what it takes to make it in life, but how will you know where you're going if you don't have any dreams? Entertain a daydream at least once in a while, and you'll be all the happier for it!

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