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0 Percent Witch

You are a true rationalist and deny anything that feels supernatural, strange, or otherworldly false. You are not a witch, but not because you don't have potential--because you suppress the magical side of life and yourself. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but it might make your life a lot more enjoyable to embrace your inner witch at times! Everyone has one!

25 Percent Witch

At times, you do embrace your inner witch and enjoy delving a bit into the more magical, supernatural side of things; however, this isn't very often, as you prefer to see things in a rational, explainable sort of light.

50 Percent Witch

You flip-flop between the world of logic and reason, and the world of magic, laws of attraction, and esotericism. You have true potential to be a real witch someday, once you can learn to overcome the more rational side of your brain that keeps pulling you away.

75 Percent Witch

Your channels of intuition are open and active, most of the time. Though you do have reservations about your inner power, you enjoy delving into the magical world of witchery and esotericism, embrace nature and the natural world, and have a powerful heart and mind. You should focus on learning more about your strengths as a witch, because you have potential to be a great one!

100 Percent Witch!

You understand that being a true witch has nothing at all to do with evil. On the contrary--as a witch, you are a strong, peaceful sort of person with a razor-sharp intuition and acute mental prowess. You also value and appreciate the natural world and can channel your energy to achieve whatever goal you want.

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