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Not Too Southern

You may have spent some time in the South, but you wouldn't fool anyone if you tried. Sure, you drop a 'y'all' every now and again, but that doesn't mean a thing! But that's okay, true Southerners appreciate your love of their ways.

Southern at Heart

You may have been born in the South but moved away, so deep down there's a Southern man/woman that has a deep appreciation for peach cobbler and country-western music...even if you're a Northern transplant now.

Southern and Proud

You love everything about the South and would only leave if you absolutely had to, but you'd get back just as soon as you could!

As Southern as It Gets!

You have Southern pride, and you aren't afraid to show it! You pride yourself on your Southern hospitality and your love of good friends and a good time, and can usually be found with a glass of sweet iced tea in your hand.

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