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intensely passionate!

Ay Chihuahua! You're muy caliente! You approach everything in life with one hundred percent enthusiasm, one hundred percent of the time. Surrounded by constant excitement and fervor, your fast lane existence keeps you exhilarated and on top, but it can be exhausting to those around you. A homebody who likes to sit on the couch and watch movies won't light your fire, but when you meet a lover who can keep up with your pace, you are likely to spontaneously combust from the heat of your passion! Have fun!

passionate about passion!

Ay yi yi! Your passion level is up there. We're betting you're pretty much up for anything and ready to go with the wink of an eye and the flick of the head. From the bedroom to the boardroom, your excitement and enthusiasm is an encouragement to those lucky enough to be close to you and an important factor in your success. Like the energizer bunny, you want to keep going and going and going, but remember everybody needs to recharge every so often. So take time to relax and unwind, you'll bounce back even more passionate than ever!


Hot diggety! You're definitely a person who can be extremely passionate, but only when the time and place are right. You rule your life and your emotions, and even in the heights of passion you are in control. While you are up for adventure, you don't let yourself get overexcited or carried away, and you are not about to do anything reckless or stupid. You blend passion and rationality perfectly, and those around you get the benefit of both your sensible side and your secret wild persona!

occasionally passionate.

You have your moments of passion, but most of the time you prefer to act in a calm and rational way. Too much passion is just exhausting, and you prefer to pick and choose when to expend your energy. You'll high five and jump up and down if your home team wins the finals, but you're not going to scream and holler every time they score!

a cool operator.

Passion is all good, but what would we do without rational people like you? While more emotional people are jumping up and down and screaming, you're calmly taking care of what needs to be done. Like super spy James Bond, you're suave and sophisticated, cool and collected. Even better, you're the person the rest of us rely on to save us from our own lack of attention. You're always prepared with whatever is needed, whether it's a handy spike umbrella to take out your enemy or extra socks!

a dead fish!

Hello? Did you fall asleep while taking this quiz? Your passion level is pretty darn low, but you don't care, do you? You're perfectly happy being the cool, laid-back person who lounges in the corner and impartially observes everyone else running around like chickens with their heads cut off. You'll step in when they're ready to implode and nonchalantly save the situation.

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