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0 Percent Nihilist

You have a purpose in your life, and you are damn proud of it! There's a reason to wake up in the morning, and you've got big, big plans for the future.

10 Percent Nihilist

You seek to conform most of the time. You don't like confrontation and avoid it at all costs. Life is much easier if you're laid-back and roll with the punches. That's the point of living, isn't it? To smile and nod and do just as everyone else is doing.

30 Percent Nihilist

You acknowledge the overall meaninglessness of life, sure, but thinking that way is something best left to the 1 percent. Only a snob would walk around talking about how pointless everything is. Everything might seem pointless when you're spoiled enough to get everything you could ever possibly need, but there's got to be more to life than that.

50 Percent Nihilist

You like to look on the bright side. The future isn't as bleak as most nihilists would like it to be, but it isn't that pretty either. You know the world is an ugly place, but you can't just settle for that! If the world only exists because you perceive it, then you're going to try and perceive it from the best perspective possible!

75 Percent Nihilist

You aren't quite ready to admit that your individual life is entirely pointless, but you do see everything else as pretty meaningless. The rat race goes on around you, and you couldn't care less. You'd rather be shopping! Money isn't real, so why not spend it! But you can't quit your day job when you want that VR headset, a new pair of shoes, and probably a bottle of wine with dinner tonight.

100 Percent Nihilist

Life has no value or meaning for you. Whether you're happy or sad about this is also meaningless, because feelings aren't real. Nothing is real, and nothing matters, and you really wish people would just stop talking about it.

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