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100% New York Girl

You're a New York girl through and through, you know the hustle never stops and the city never sleeps. You aren't intimidated of anyone or anything, and could give subway directions to the most turned-around tourist without even checking your Embark or the MTA app. A scampering cockroach or running rat would never make you jump.

75% New York Girl

You're likely to be found taking the L from the Bedford stop to shop in Union square, or taking your friend on the Staten Island Ferry for a cheap and fun thing to do. You're well established but still learning, and sometimes expose yourself as a transplant to the city. You're not alone though - because exactly half of everyone's hometown has relocated to somewhere in New York.

50% New York Girl

You're a solid mix of New York Girl and hometown sweetheart. You've managed to adapt without assimilating too much, so you don't disappear in a crowd. Your enthusiasm for the city keeps you fresher-eyed than most of the zombies trudging around, and you never miss a chance to network. For an outsider, you fit right in.

25% New York Girl

You're like a New York Girl Lite. Not full strength, but there's a smack of something undeniably New York about you. You're sweet, but have the temper to back yourself up if someone does you wrong, and that's what makes you fit in around here. You also can party with the best of 'em.

0% New York Girl

You're not a New York Girl, sorry, but you are you, and no one can take that away from you! You may not know Queens from the Bronx, but you're good at other things. No one's really testing you on this stuff anyway (besides us). If you take one thing away from this quiz about New York, remember that it's that the rats are really big, and the bagels are really better!

-25% New York Girl

You may as well have a camera around your neck and holding a map in front of your face! You are actually so not a New York girl that you should be really proud, as most New York girls probably wish they could be more like you- because being different is the new cool.

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