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Very Little about the New Romantics :-(

Did you think this was a quiz about Taylor Swift?! Well, if you thought 'New Romantics' was only an album title, now you know better! And hopefully we've encouraged you to find out a little bit more, because there's a whole world of awesome music and wild fashion out there for you to discover. So grab your eyeliner and hair gel, and go check out some of the styles and songs we mentioned in this quiz!

A Bit about the New Romantics

You might be into pop trivia, but it looks like the fringe trends of the '80s are not really your strongest subject. Don't worry! Although we totally adore the outrageous fashion and too-cool music that symbolizes the short-lived style of the New Romantics, we know it's not everyone's deal. Take another quiz--you'll probably ace that one!

Some Stuff about the New Romantics

You've heard of Duran Duran, and maybe you can even hum some Spandau Ballet, but there's more to the New Romantic scene than the mainstream music. The cultural revolution known as New Romanticism was a statement of youth vitality and an overthrow of the conventional, where creating your own outrageous avant-garde style was the ultimate goal. So dig your crimping tongs out of the closet and go '80s-style crazy!

Quite a Lot about the New Romantics :-)

We've exposed your secret love of big hair, wild makeup, and synth-heavy beats! You'd willingly 'Dance into the Fire' with Simon Le Bon or buy a 'Ticket to the World' with Tony Hadley, so reveal your passion and let your crazy cool show! Remember that Blitz Kids always believe in themselves and their unique talents and power.

An Amazing Amount about the New Romantics!

You were totally paying attention in the '80s. You know loads of out-there trivia about New Romanticism, and we're betting you're a fashionista with a freaky sense of style and the '80s album collection to go along with your wardrobe! And if you're not, well, it's never too late to let your wild child out to play!

Everything There Is to Know about the New Romantics!

Did you live in England in the early '80's?! We're betting you did, because you definitely have the heart, soul, and probably the wardrobe of a die-hard New Romantic fan. Congratulations on being awesome! We love you!

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