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Super Neat!

You are so neat, every single time a guest comes through your threshold, they feel super guilty about how they live! Your counters sparkle; your papers are always categorized into neat piles, by topic or urgency. Your produce looks nice and fresh, and is carefully put away. Your clothes are color organized, and your shoes are always clean and displayed neatly. You're a dream of a partner, because you can't stand a mess! Unfortunately, chances are, you're going to end up with a messy partner, because that's just the way life goes. Good luck!

Moderately Neat!

You're not the neatest person alive, but you're still considered neat. You're still neater than most. However, you're not above leaving clothes on the floor from time to time. You pick it up eventually, but hey! You're only human.

Somewhat Messy!

All right, you do more than just leave things lying around. There are dishes in your sink more often than not. You 'forget' to do laundry, so dirty clothes pile up. And yet, you're STILL not the messiest person out there! When you need to clean something, you eventually do it.

Super Messy!

OK, so, you're messy beyond belief. You pretty much don't have a single clean/organized bone in your body. You have accepted the fact that you'll always live in a messy place. When people come over, you don't bother picking up. Your floor is treated as a desk. But so is your actual desk--and kitchen counters, coffee tables, etc. Clothes, dirty plates, cups, and trash abound! Ahhhhh!

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