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A Total Morning Person

You are 100 percent a morning person. You are well adjusted, used to getting up early, and quick to wake up. You're ready for an in-depth politics conversation before you even take a shower. Maybe a cup of coffee and you're on your way.

Quickly Becoming a Morning Person

You're not an official morning person, but you're quickly becoming one! Maybe you just got a new job that requires you to get up early, or maybe you've been taking some extra morning classes. Either way, you're becoming quite adjusted. Strange, right?!

Kind of a Morning Person, Kind of Not

You're somewhere in the middle. You're kind of a morning person when you absolutely need to get up early. But it has to be a really good reason, something exciting, like a birthday, a date, a party, or a concert--a road trip maybe. Otherwise, when you're getting up for a mundane day at work, you're pretty much half asleep until noon.

Slowly Turning into a Morning Person

You love to sleep in. In fact, you probably have a job where you can do that more often than not. It might not be a regular thing, but you are waking up early some days. And you're realizing that it's kind of nice. You get more done in a shorter span of time. Even though you're not a morning person now, you're slowly turning into one.

A Total Sleep-In Junkie

You're a total sleep-in junkie. You just love to sleep! And there's no changing that. As far as you're concerned, whenever you wake up early, you're wasting valuable time between the comfy bed sheets, in the warmth of pillows and a soft mattress.

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