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A Minimalist Master

You're a minimalist master! You love open and decluttered spaces. In your wardrobe, you have a few iconic items from your favorite designers, which you wear all the time! Your favorite color is white, and if you could, you would paint the whole town in white! You love to discover new things in the world. The only thing you hate about traveling are souvenirs!

A Minimalist Beginner

You're a minimalist beginner! You've got a bit of minimalist soul in you! You would love to have more space in your house, but you cannot keep yourself from buying stuff on sale. (You never know when you'll need them!) Sometimes you even forget what you have in your closet. You rarely reuse stuff, as new stuff is much more exciting!

An Advanced Minimalist

You're on your way to becoming a master! You try to follow all minimalist rules, but you're not that strict. You own a TV, and you have a smartphone. You feel bad in cluttered spaces, but you wouldn't paint everything in white. You're very conscious about your finances, and you never let yourself buy unnecessary stuff.

A Minimalist Denier

You're not at all a minimalist! You love colors, and you're not afraid of using them! You're never able to close your suitcase after vacations and, in general, your closet. You lost track of your clothes a few years ago, and now you just give up. You probably have a junk drawer (which you love), and it's very difficult for you to get rid of stuff that brings back some memories.

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