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A Logical Thinker!

Your thoughts move from one thing to another, all related. When presented with a problem, you know how to handle things in an organized manner, thinking through possible outcomes, hurdles, and approaches. You're a very logical person and don't often listen to your feelings for guidance.

A Psychological Thinker

Psychological thinking is self-evaluating; it progresses by reflection. It has understanding as a goal and evaluates each step in light of that goal. In your case, you very much think of things as goals. Any thought thereafter is done in an attempt to better understand something or someone, so as to know how to resolve issues.

A Pathological Thinker

You are governed by emotion. When dealing with everyday events, your brain lights up in all its emotional areas rather than the reasoning ones. You listen to your heart, and sometimes you find yourself in toxic situations as a result of not being able to let go!