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Absolutely Logical

Your brain works on the straight and narrow, and you are always able to follow a clear and rational line of thought to come up with a practical solution. You are calm under stress and can be counted on to help and support your less-logical friends in a crisis.


Your brain works in a composed and rational manner, analyzing the available information and deducing the most down-to-earth solution. Your friends know your skill in finding solutions to tricky problems and turn to you for emotional and practical advice.

Mostly Logical

Your brain has a balance between logic and creative thinking, with a slant more toward the logical. You are the perfect person for solving cryptic puzzles and would make a great detective.

Mostly Illogical

You balance the logical side of your mind with a creative flair, and your thought patterns often stray from the straight and narrow. While you maintain enough logic to (usually) act in a rational and practical manner, your friends know that you will occasionally surprise with a wild and out-there idea that they know will be loads of fun.


Your thoughts prefer to meander in creative swirls along the back roads of your brain over marching down the analytical highway to the most practical conclusion. But practicality can equate to predictable and boring--and that's definitely not you. Your solutions may be unexpected, but they are always ingenious.

Completely Illogical

Your brain works in a creative and perceptive manner, and you rely more on your emotional reactions and intuition to come up with innovative and fascinating solutions that are uniquely yours. No one else can envisage the world quite like you do!

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