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Right-Brain Thinker

Right-brain thinkers are very intuitive and have a strong emotional intelligence. You are good at knowing when people are lying or being sarcastic. You are also good at knowing when people are trying to hide their emotions. Right-brainers also tend to be creative thinkers and are known for being able to think 'outside the box.' You would be good as 'Survivor' contestant!

Left-Brain Thinker

Left-brain thinkers are good at logical things, like math and science. Following a sequence or instructions is right up your ally. You are quick at answering questions and memorizing things. You are also very time-oriented, and you get along well with people who are logical themselves. You would be great at the game show 'Jeopardy.'

Middle-Brain Thinker

You are more flexible than either right-brain or left-brain thinkers, but at the same time, you have a hard time making decisions. Your creative free-spirit pushes you one way, while your strong logical tendencies push you another. You can take great advantage of the fact that you have strong people intuition and good logical skills. These traits would make you excellent in business and in medicine!

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